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Corporate Wellness Service

Why do successful companies invest in wellness programs for their employees?

Industry leaders and many other firms across the U.S. have learned that a small investment into the well-being of their employees gives them a huge return. Companies who have put in place a Corporate Wellness Program have reported:

  • Improved health among employees
  • Decreased injury and/or illness among employees
  • Reduction in unnecessary surgeries
  • Reduction in days missed and productivity due to injury and illness
  • Savings in cost of healthcare premiums due to a decrease in claims

Firms of all sizes, like travel consultant Sabre Holdings, are realizing the benefits to employees and their bottom lines. Sabre Holdings, parent company of, uses an on-site chiropractor as part of their wellness program.

Sabre Holdings CEO Sam Gilliland explains that for every dollar they have invested in wellness, they have saved about 3 dollars. With a 300% return on the company investment, it should come as no surprise that 78% of Fortune 500 companies offer wellness programs.

For a business to survive, much less be profitable in the current economic climate, it must trim costs and increase productivity. The skyrocketing cost of health care makes a corporate wellness program not only feasible, but profitable, in a world of ever tightening bottom line. An article in the American Journal of Health Promotions states that for every $1 spent on a corporate wellness program, a return of $2.13 to $10.10 can be expected through lower medical claims, reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and other factors.

With results like that, who can afford not to have a corporate wellness program?

If you’re looking to save money and have a healthier, happier workforce, our Corporate Wellness Program presents you with individualized, highly trained professionals. Turning to Corporate Wellness connects you with a partner that understands your requirements and helps you deliver wellness programs that save time and money, conserve valuable staff resources and offer your employees high-quality health and wellness services.

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For your convenience, we’ve provided our Corporate Wellness Packet as a downloadable PDF.

This document looks at the problem facing employers, the cost attributed to that problem, and the cost-effectiveness and clinical outcomes of chiropractic care.

Corporate Wellness Packet | Life Chiropractic Center
Cost Effectiveness and Clinical Outcomes of Chiropractic Care 2014 | Life Chiropractic Center

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