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Written Testimonials San Diego Labou J.  - San Diego, CA

I had a great experience working getting an evaluation with these guys. Dr. Matt and Dr. Lauren were both a pleasure to work with and they explained a lot to me about what was going on with my back, neck, and nervous system. I'm looking forward to going back when I get a chance!

Success Stories San Diego Sherry W.  - Los Angeles, CA

Life Chiropractic Center is located in a shopping center in the Clairemont area of San Diego. The waiting room is bright, spacious, and very family-friendly. The staff is very cordial upon entering the office, and always provides excellent customer service.

The doctors that work here are very professional and communicate and discuss everything very clearly up front. Not only have they helped me with my health concerns, but they do so with lots of passion and genuine care. I always recommend friends or family in SD to Life Chiropractic Center if they are interested in receiving the best chiropractic care!

What People Say About Life Chiropractic Center | San Diego Chiropractors Ian H.  - Encinitas, CA

Life Chiropractic Center in the Clairemont area of San Diego is amazing! I have known the husband and wife chiropractors Dr. Ron Oberstein and Dr. Mary Oberstein for most of my life and I can tell you that these are the kind of doctors who have a passion for helping people get well and deliver their gentle healing care with love. If you have a spine and nerve system that needs some care, you will be very happy here.

What People Say About Life Chiropractic Center | San Diego Chiropractors Delores T.  - Bremerton, WA

I have to be honest... I have been holding out on making a review of this business (we started in July) but the time has come...Let me start off by telling you what a big skeptic I am or was! My husband, mom, and daughter have all been under Chiropractic care but I was not interested. I finally gave in and I am happy that I did.

The staff here is amazing!! You walk in and you are greeted by Rosie, if you are having a bad day her amazing attitude will turn it right around!! Dr Mary is a joy to talk to, she is the kind of person that looks at you when you are talking and acts like talking to you is all she has to do in her day. Dr Ron is a sweet man and my (almost) 2 yr old daughter has no problem being adjusted by him. Jodi is so sweet as is Dr Paul. The entire staff is military and family friendly. I love everyone here!!

If you are in the San Diego area and are interested in Chiropractic care this is the place to be.

PS...If you are thinking, "Why should I listen to her, this is her first experience?"...My mom is 68 and has been under Chiropractic care for 33 years. She says that this is the best care that she has ever received. My husband has been adjusted since he was a baby and he also feels that Dr. Ron is the best! AND my 23 month old daughter climbs up on the table by herself to be adjusted, they must be doing something right ;)

What People Say About Life Chiropractic Center | San Diego Chiropractors Angel O.  - San Leandro, CA

Dr's Ron and Mary are the best, not so sure about the first review on here, but my experience has been completely different. I have been going to them for the last month and I have never felt better, they have such passion and love for their patients and the profession. They have a very loyal client base and most of their patients are from referrals as was mine. Great place, great doctors, and great staff! I highly recommend Life Chiropractic Center.

What People Say About Life Chiropractic Center | San Diego Chiropractors Katie C.  - San Diego, CA

If anyone has given Life Chiro less than 5 Stars...they simply do not know what they are talking about. I moved to San Diego from the East Coast about a year ago, and had the absolute worst experience with another chiropractor in SD...a friend referred me to Life Chiro, and it has been life-changing. I have only been seeing them for a few months, but the extent that they have helped me is unbelievable. I was a competitive dancer for most of my life, and as a result now suffer from horrible back problems. The Dr's have gone above and beyond to display professionalism, integrity and genuine care for me, and I can't thank them enough.

What People Say About Life Chiropractic Center | San Diego Chiropractors Alexa A.  - San Diego, CA

I rarely have a 5 star experience ANYWHERE...but Life Chiropractic Center in Clairemont is a completely different story. I have been suffering from excruciating shoulder and neck pain for the last 10 years as a result of a bad car accident. I have lost count of the immense number of chiropractors I have seen in the San Diego area with NO relief whatsoever and no interest in me aside from just being "another patient". I saw some of the rave reviews for LCC and decided to give it a shot about a month and a half ago.

Immediately, after walking into their office I felt welcome (The receptionist is awesome!) and as if I were part of their "chiropractic family". Dr. Ron and Dr. Mary don't just try to "fix your problems", they actually take the time to get to know YOU in order to help you in the exact ways that your body needs. After just a couple of visits, I felt like a completely different person. Long days at the office or running around after my kids no longer cause me unbearable pain and exhaustion as it has for so many years. There was no pressure at all in the office, and they worked WITH me. If you're looking for chiropractic care in the area...this is the place to go.

What People Say About Life Chiropractic Center | San Diego Chiropractors Laura P.  - San Diego, CA

You are going to love it here. Chiropractic is not just for neck pain, back pain or headaches - it helps your WHOLE body work the way it's supposed to!! I started using Chiropractic for stomach issues and I noticed my overall health improve!!

What to expect on your first visit: The office is hard to find! From the outside, it looks really small and I was lost my first time. Look for the Dentist sign - it's right next door. Rosie is the first person you'll meet - she is so sweet! You get to see the whole office and meet a lot of the staff on your first visit, which is awesome, because you will quickly feel like part of the family! There's a play area for young kids; many who get adjusted, too! You really can wear whatever you want, but I suggest athletic clothes since the first exam is pretty thorough. They check your nervous system and whole body; a (painless) scan on your back, heart, lungs, posture, balance, and other tests that are specific to your nervous system. They also have an x-rays available at the office if the Doctor recommends them for you.

What's cool about this office is that they really take the time to explain to you how all the tests work together so you know where your health really is whether or not you have symptoms! They make sure to answer all your questions: if they can help you, how long it will take, and how much it'll cost.

Cost: Before any treatment or exams, you are told what the price will be for you - there are never any surprises! Rosie will even check on your insurance, which is awesome, because if you are like me, understanding coverage can be confusing. If you don't have insurance, no big deal - most people pay cash anyway! There are cash plans available so that it's less expensive per visit. And all transactions and plans are written down, so, again, there are no surprises!

The adjustments: Let the Chiropractor know if you are nervous! Depending on your exam, x-rays, needs, and comfort level, your adjustment is adapted for YOU. There are gentle ways of adjusting - you'll hardly feel it happening! Though, I myself love a good old fashion aggressive adjustment : )

I highly recommend Life Chiropractic. Dr. Ron and Dr. Mary are passionate about helping your body work and feel it's best. Plus, they are well-connected in the community: they helped me so much when I moved here; even totally unrelated things like helping me with car issues! This is a great Chiropractic office!

What People Say About Life Chiropractic Center | San Diego Chiropractors Marie E.  - La Jolla, CA

I've been getting adjusted in this office for 27 years and I'm still impressed with the whole experience at LCC. From the warm welcome by the receptionist, the professional staff, the proficient and caring Doctors and the clear communication, I love this place! So many families and kids are seen here on any given day and everyone seems so healthy and happy. Best Chiropratic office in San Diego!!